Yay guilt-free 40-cal fruit dip!

Guys I have some really great news. This morning I got up early and went to the gym! Kind of a big deal for me. I can manage to work out some days at nights but the thought of going early has always intimidated me. But wow it was great! I just ran a couple miles on the treadmill but I can already feel a difference in my mood.

Anyways, to the real subject of this post. I discovered the BEST FRUIT DIP EVER. I love dips. It’s a weakness I have. So when I’m just casually skimming through pinterest and this pin pops up on my feed, I knew I was in luck.

My recipe is a little different than the original and because I substituted 0 calorie sweetener for the honey it’s less calories too! Yay for keeping your healthy resolutions right?


So begin with a cup of plain greek yogurt. Then stir in a tbsp of PB2. (If you’ve never tried this stuff, you HAVE too. It’s changed my life. It’s like 25% the calories of regular peanut butter, and in my opinion, it tastes loads better than the real stuff.)


After the PB2 is all stirred in add 0 calorie sweetener to taste. I have a major sweet tooth, so I added in…. 6 packets of sweetener. All you aspartame freaks out there I’m sorry, but it’s just the way I roll. You could sweeten this recipe with honey if you are into that kinda thing.

Last add a bit of cinnamon to taste. I just added a couple shakes because I’m not a huge cinnamon fan, but if you are, heck! Add the whole bottle! (just kidding, don’t do that please.)



It’s just that easy to make. I made a batch to have some for breakfast with an apple and brought the rest to work for a snack. It seems to have made about 3-4 servings and I very generously dipped and double dipped and used as much of that goodness on my fruit as possible. For the entire batch it’s 160 calories, so if you split it into 4 servings it’s only 40 cals! Hecka good news huh?

I’ve decided to start running more because when I go to NYC in April I wanna run the Central Park loop. It’s only 6.1ish miles but I would like to have my pace up by then so I can look like a hip fit local. Sorry not sorry. So yay NYC! Yay running! Yay fruit dip! Yay Thursdays! Thank goodness that we are only a couple days away from the weekend. Have a day as fantastic as the 66° high we’re supposed to have today. :+)