Gillian Zinser

I just accidentally conceived a new girl crush.

Okay conceived was definitely the wrong term.. Discovered would probably be more fitting? And less creepy?

So back to my story. Me and my sister were sitting on the couch watching The Lying Games re-runs and drooling over Blair Redford. It’s impossible to look at him and not drool. We’ve tried.

ANYWAYS, I had the brilliant idea. Let’s IMDB this bi*** and figure out what other shows/movies he’s in because, no offense to The Lying Games, but we’ve seen it 10 times to many and needed some fresh air.

So after sitting through 3 episodes of Switched At Birth (I definitely don’t recommend. Every second we watched was more painful than the last) I saw that he was on 90210 in the 3rd season. We turned it on and couldn’t turn it off. He is so good looking plus add in a British accent. HOLY MOLY SHOOT ME.

But back to my girl crush. I had never seen 90210. Which I don’t know why because it’s a fantastic show and Ivy is so cute and so my dream person aka role model. When she is skateboarding down the school halls sometimes I hate my life because she is so much cooler than me

So here’s some eye candy of her great style, gorgeous hair, and perfect body. Nothing better than a little thinspo to start the week off right.

I love her with dark hair too! She rocks it so hard.

Ugh I wanna be her. K bye ilysm