Calligraphy is a lot harder than I wanted it to be. Trying not to hate it lol. Hopefully in a couple days I’ll be able to post a somewhat legible, clean alphabet.



Yay guilt-free 40-cal fruit dip!

Guys I have some really great news. This morning I got up early and went to the gym! Kind of a big deal for me. I can manage to work out some days at nights but the thought of going early has always intimidated me. But wow it was great! I just ran a couple miles on the treadmill but I can already feel a difference in my mood.

Anyways, to the real subject of this post. I discovered the BEST FRUIT DIP EVER. I love dips. It’s a weakness I have. So when I’m just casually skimming through pinterest and this pin pops up on my feed, I knew I was in luck.

My recipe is a little different than the original and because I substituted 0 calorie sweetener for the honey it’s less calories too! Yay for keeping your healthy resolutions right?


So begin with a cup of plain greek yogurt. Then stir in a tbsp of PB2. (If you’ve never tried this stuff, you HAVE too. It’s changed my life. It’s like 25% the calories of regular peanut butter, and in my opinion, it tastes loads better than the real stuff.)


After the PB2 is all stirred in add 0 calorie sweetener to taste. I have a major sweet tooth, so I added in…. 6 packets of sweetener. All you aspartame freaks out there I’m sorry, but it’s just the way I roll. You could sweeten this recipe with honey if you are into that kinda thing.

Last add a bit of cinnamon to taste. I just added a couple shakes because I’m not a huge cinnamon fan, but if you are, heck! Add the whole bottle! (just kidding, don’t do that please.)



It’s just that easy to make. I made a batch to have some for breakfast with an apple and brought the rest to work for a snack. It seems to have made about 3-4 servings and I very generously dipped and double dipped and used as much of that goodness on my fruit as possible. For the entire batch it’s 160 calories, so if you split it into 4 servings it’s only 40 cals! Hecka good news huh?

I’ve decided to start running more because when I go to NYC in April I wanna run the Central Park loop. It’s only 6.1ish miles but I would like to have my pace up by then so I can look like a hip fit local. Sorry not sorry. So yay NYC! Yay running! Yay fruit dip! Yay Thursdays! Thank goodness that we are only a couple days away from the weekend. Have a day as fantastic as the 66° high we’re supposed to have today. :+)



Running in the a.m.

I would really like to write a nice long post updating you on my life but unfortunately I’ve made a goal to go running in the morning so I better go to sleep ASAP. But here’s a selfie of me making art in my new apartment, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately.



Gillian Zinser

I just accidentally conceived a new girl crush.

Okay conceived was definitely the wrong term.. Discovered would probably be more fitting? And less creepy?

So back to my story. Me and my sister were sitting on the couch watching The Lying Games re-runs and drooling over Blair Redford. It’s impossible to look at him and not drool. We’ve tried.

ANYWAYS, I had the brilliant idea. Let’s IMDB this bi*** and figure out what other shows/movies he’s in because, no offense to The Lying Games, but we’ve seen it 10 times to many and needed some fresh air.

So after sitting through 3 episodes of Switched At Birth (I definitely don’t recommend. Every second we watched was more painful than the last) I saw that he was on 90210 in the 3rd season. We turned it on and couldn’t turn it off. He is so good looking plus add in a British accent. HOLY MOLY SHOOT ME.

But back to my girl crush. I had never seen 90210. Which I don’t know why because it’s a fantastic show and Ivy is so cute and so my dream person aka role model. When she is skateboarding down the school halls sometimes I hate my life because she is so much cooler than me

So here’s some eye candy of her great style, gorgeous hair, and perfect body. Nothing better than a little thinspo to start the week off right.

I love her with dark hair too! She rocks it so hard.

Ugh I wanna be her. K bye ilysm


Thinking about writing

I spend a very small portion of my day actually writing. I think all day while I’m at work about the plot and different script ideas I have and then I come home and I can’t figure out how to say anything that seemed so easy before. Does anyone have any tips on that? I guess I need to just start writing but it’s so so frustrating because I’ll write a whole scene and then end up scrapping it.

I read a few articles today that said to make it in the screenwriting business, you HAVE to live in L.A. Which is sort of depressing because I definitely don’t live in L.A. and I definitely don’t want to live there either. (I mean I would love to, but it is so expensive and scary).

But maybe that needs to be my goal for 2014. Prepare to move to L.A. in 2015. I mean what have I got to lose?

xoxo kinz

Running too far and reading too much

Well this is a picture of me after I ran 3 miles tonight.

It’s literally the longest I’ve ever run, like, without stopping and what not. I know to most people that’s not very far, but I think the picture alone proves how much of a feat it was for me. Lol

I have had the most productive day. I woke up, read a screenplay (Silver Linings Playbook. I’m so obsessed! I need to see that movie in RL) Then I went for a 1.5 mile jog with Meg. Then me and Morgan and Meg went and saw the new Thor. OMG Thor is so handsome. Also Loki (spelling?) is so cute and so naughty. I love him. On a different note I absolutely hate action movies and I have anxiety the entire time and I don’t know why people pay money to feel that way.

After the movie I went home and packed all my books and the stuff that I wouldn’t need for a while. After I was done with that me and Morgan went for a jog and that’s when we did the 3.2 miles. I still can’t believe we did it. That’s like a long time goal for me to be able to run that far. I’m still in shock.

Do you think I might have too many books? NAH

xoxo kinz

Cookie butter and eReaders

Have you ever had cookie butter? It’s like peanut butter except made out of cookies. I’m gonna blame it for the reason that I have really crashed and burned when trying to stick with my New Years resolution of eating clean. On a great note though my kindle paperwhite came in the mail today and I’m IN LOVE. I was always so rebellious to amazon products because they are eventually gonna take over the world but I definitely don’t care because now I’m aware of how much they rock. Thanks amazon.