Thinking about writing

I spend a very small portion of my day actually writing. I think all day while I’m at work about the plot and different script ideas I have and then I come home and I can’t figure out how to say anything that seemed so easy before. Does anyone have any tips on that? I guess I need to just start writing but it’s so so frustrating because I’ll write a whole scene and then end up scrapping it.

I read a few articles today that said to make it in the screenwriting business, you HAVE to live in L.A. Which is sort of depressing because I definitely don’t live in L.A. and I definitely don’t want to live there either. (I mean I would love to, but it is so expensive and scary).

But maybe that needs to be my goal for 2014. Prepare to move to L.A. in 2015. I mean what have I got to lose?

xoxo kinz


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