I’ll be fearless tomorrow

So there I am, just peacefully going to the bathroom as I scroll through my Instagram feed (don’t act like you don’t do it) when all the sudden I see a cockroach out of the corner of my eye making a quick scurry towards me in all my innocence. In my mind I thought, this is 2014, you aren’t afraid of anything this year, remember? Well that was definitely wrong. I don’t think anything has ever been more wrong.

I don’t really know what the moral of this story is but it was freakin scary and I hope I never have to experience a bug invasion when using the ladies room. And I guess the other moral of this story is I shouldn’t pretend I’m not afraid of stupid rude cockroaches because I always will be. Here’s a picture of the little guy who thought it was appropriate to walk in on me. I actually had to be way brave and get close to him when snapping this pic so yay for me and my courage.


I think his name should be Stanley. Doesn’t he look like a Stanley? When I kicked him away from me he flipped over onto his back and tried to flip back over like crazy for about ten seconds, but after no success he just folded his legs in towards his tummy and laid there defeated. It was actually so sad. But unfortunately I hated him and had to leave him there to die. Sorry PETA


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