No title because of boredom

So I made a new years resolution to blog once a week. At first it was once a day, but I then realized that was an unrealistic goal. And I’m coming to realize that posting once a week is going to be a little bit harder than I thought too. Unfortunately my creativity doesn’t run on a set schedule and I can’t just pop an idea for a post out weekly. But I’m just going to do it. At least once a week I’ll start writing and hopefully the words will come out. I’ve already written a small paragraph and it required little use of my dried up creativity basin. And the thing is, when I made the goal to blog weekly, I more wanted a blog to keep track of my life, not because I wanna be famous and have tons of readers. Actually, the thought of having “readers” kind of stresses me out and I can already feel myself filtering through my thoughts trying to only say cute and funny stuff. So like if you’re reading this, go away! Ha jk, stay here, I love you

I just discovered my new role model. Go check out Honestly I can’t stop reading his articles. So many great tips that I can’t wait to try out. You really need to go check his website but only go there if you are willing to spend the rest of your night glued to your laptop.

I’ve been lousy at following through with my goals. To be honest, I actually just had to go reread what they were. Haha major whoops. But tomorrow is a new day and I’m ready to make it count.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was nothing short of life-changing, I kid you not. I saw it 3 times within less than 48 hours. If you haven’t seen it, you must. And holy smokes Ben Stiller is my new crush. And when I say crush I mean that he’s my new oh-my-goodness-no-man-will-ever-mean-more-to-me-than-him. And that’s an understatement. The show was so inspiring and nothing has ever left me more excited to stop dreaming and start living.



A couple nights later I watched The Spectacular Now. I had hopes of it being inspiring as well. I read reviews of it and was really excited to see another movie that would leave me excited to be alive. Well… this one I didn’t enjoy nearly as much. I might need to see it once again with a more open mind, but it left me definitely more depressed than inspired. But Sutter (spelling?) was hecka cute and his gf (forgetting her name at the moment) was also a cutie.

I’m going to try the whole fasting lifestyle craze. Eat 8 hours, fast for 16. Repeat. I do this a lot already but I’m not very strict about it. I’ve found though, if I don’t eat breakfast I tend to not get hungry until around noon, whereas if I grab a small breakfast, around 10:30 I’m already starving. We’ll see how long this lasts, but I think it might be something I’m able to stick with. I’m going to California (and maybe NYC?) in March and I need to get that bikini body ready lolz.

My latest hobby has been trying to catch Friends on TV. It’s not on Netflix or Hulu which is so depressing because I’m addicted. It’s sort of a problem. And the fact that it’s only on really late at night is not helping with my sleeping habits. But if I’m not watching Friends then I’m watching Full House with my 8 year old sister Meg. She is so addicted and it’s hilarious. She knows almost all the cast names and talks about it non-stop. I’ve taught her well. One of my favorite moments is when I said “Jesse is so cute huh?” and she said “Wait ’til you see him in a white V-neck!” Touché Meg. Touché.


Also I have the biggest girl crush on Becky. Her hair is so fab.


Sorry that this post is so horribly visually. I’m too bored to crop the pictures to the same size and I’m sure no one cares so welcome to my happy bored life with a fugly bored blog lol.

Oh also, I’m moving out in a couple weeks. And I just decided randomly on Friday. But I honestly feel so good about it and it will be great to have some independence. This will be my first time living on my own so carpe diem let’s hope I don’t die. I’ll probably whine in the weeks to come about my poorness and lack of milk and shampoo and stuff.

Alright I’m signing off because I have to go to work early tomorrow. Not to mention the huge pile of laundry sitting on my bed that I need to fold before I go to sleep. Ugh



PS the Walter Mitty soundtrack is almost as good as the movie. I can’t stop listening to Dirty Paws by Of Monsters And Men. I’m not usually a huge fan of them but after they soundtracked my man trekking through the wild I couldn’t help but fall in love. Go listen. k laterz skaterz


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