Soundtrack to my life

It feels good to be composing a blog post again. It’s been like 6 months and 5 days since my last post but idk I didn’t go back and count or anything..

I moved all my old posts to a different url because it was stressing me out having all my past stuff out there in the open. I hope that none of you remember the crazy ideas and negative thoughts I’ve had before about, it seems, everyone and everything. Even though I’m still a little negative at times I definitely have toned it down a few billion decibels.

I’ve missed blogging. I’ve still been writing but only in private in the dimly lit corner of my room. Actually, to be honest it’s not nearly that cute. I normally sit hunched over my laptop playing on spotify for 2 hours, eating a whole bag of Cheetos, and then once I’ve run out of snacks I will bring myself to write another chapter in the book I’m working on. Most publishers won’t even accept novels under 60,000 words and I’ve come to learn that 60,000 words is a lot more than it seems. And after writing about 1,000 words I go through a phase where I feel like I suck, my writing sucks, and I’m failing at enjoying my teenage years. So yes, it’s been a rough couple of months. lol

So I’m at that phase where I’m getting a little frustrated and bored with my novel so in an effort to spice things up a bit and maybe enter back into the cyber world I’m going to start this blog up and I hope I can be a lot less negative and less sarcastic this time around.

I was talking with some of my friends a few months ago and we got on the topic of soundtracking our lives. I always love to think about what I would soundtrack my life to but I never actually pin point songs. I usually just think, “Oh I would for sure choose ‘insert current favorite rap song here’ for my life’s theme song.” But in reality, a rap song most definitely would not be the appropriate theme song for my life. Or even an appropriate song on the soundtrack. Not one time in my life have I smoked weed, gotten low, or sported a rolex on my wrist, so I’m gonna have to leave out Jay Z and Snoop.

If I just picked songs I can picture running around doing my normal everyday tasks to I would just copy and paste the Warm Bodies soundtrack in here and call it good, which I’m not gonna lie, it was kind of hard not to do that. But the songs I chose were more than just the sound of the music, the words say what I feel was relatable to certain times of my life. Sorry Midnight City, you have no place on this list.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Below is my explanation of the reason I included each track on the list and if you click on the song title it will link you to the song on youtube. Also please note that I prefer male voices over female voices so even though a lot of the songs are singing about girls, when I picture them in my life, I’m singing about a guy instead. Thx 4 understanding

1. Pork & Beans โ€” Weezer
“Ima do the things that I wanna do, I ain’t got a thing to prove to you.” Weezer, you get me. And you get the spot as the opening song. I don’t know if this song is quite as appropriate for how I act now, but this song is definitely appropriate for my middle and high school years. Somebody probably needed to wack me on the back of my head and tell me to grow up at least a little but I’m sure I would’ve never listened. I didn’t care if everyone in the world thought I dressed like a hobo, I liked it.

2.ย Orange Shirtย โ€”ย Discovery
This is a song that I always pictured a certain person singing to me. I know that’s silly and dumb but I knew I had to throw it on here. I’m sure they would be appalled that I would choose ย this “outdated techno song” for them to sing to me but that’s the cool thing is they’ll nevvveeer know. hehehehe I love the internet : – ))

3. Swimming Pools (Drank) โ€” Kendrick Lamar
Hi. Remember how I said I wasn’t going to put any rap on here? Well I actually couldn’t keep to that promise. Sure this song is about liquor but just pretend like he’s talking about Diet Coke. “First you get a swimming pool full of liquor *diet coke* than you dive in it.” Is that funny or what? Hehehe

4. The Anthem โ€” Good Charlotte
I grew up on these guys k? I dressed up as Benji Madden in 5th grade. This is what he looked like back then and I was so in love:

benji spikey hair

I wish I could find a picture of me dressed up like him because it really is too too much. I don’t relate much to this song now anymore, but it’s another good one to sum up how I felt growing up. Entering high school I had a preconcieved idea that it sucked because of how much I listened to music that hated on it, which could explain why I was pretty negative about the whole experience. But this song is good, I don’t care who you are.

5.ย The Yeah Yeah Yeah Songย โ€”ย The Flaming Lips
“What would you do with all your power?” This song just asks a bunch of crazy questions and then goes on and explains that we never know what we would do having unlimited power. I think this would be a good song for the awkward after high school years that I’m still stuck in. We have limitless possibilities (kind of) and sometimes it just makes me have no idea what to do. (Also, these guys are playing Thursday in SLC for the Twilight Concert Series. Plz hmu if you wanna come with me. Comment or sext me for more details lol)

6. If Everyone Cared โ€” Nickelback
No, this wasn’t a typo. I definitely want Nickelback up in here. For so long I loved him and then for so long I hated him, but I’m back to loving him and I’m proud of it. And this song really fits during the part of my life that I was feeling pretty alive and in love but also kind of negative about the world that we live in. Life would be so easy “If everyone cared, and nobody cried, if everyone loved and nobody lied.” but that’s never going to happen. Also during this time I was pretty deep and insightful. Normally I don’t think as deep as Nickelback does. ๐Ÿ˜› Miranda told me if I keep listening to Nickelback I’m going to lose the few friends I have. So that’s kind of sad that my sister bullies me huh?ย (PS I didn’t bother linking this title to the song cause I knew nobody was going to listen. All you Nickelback haters really need to come to the dark side though. Hmu if you wanna come over for a listen :~))

7. I’m Not Okay – I Promise โ€”ย My Chemical Romance
I already can tell I’m gonna be embarrassed for putting this song on there but there has definitely been times that I haven’t felt okay. And duh I had to put My Chemical Romance on here. They are like one of my most very favorites ever. Literally. Hmu if you wanna come over and listen to them while talking about how hard life is sometimes

8. Roll Bus Roll โ€” Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard
I’m not sure I know the real meaning/point of this song but I love it. And it relates well to my experiences in New Jersey. I feel like I just got on a bus (airplane) and rolled my sweatshirt up to make the window soft as I drove (flew) to my new home. I just really like this song and I can picture it playing as images of me floating around in New Jersey play on the screen. You really need to listen to this song k? It’s amazing. I listened to it so many times that it cracked my iPhone. That, and the fact that I dropped it on the curb, lol.

I probably am taking this “Soundtrack to my life” idea a little to far, but how awesome would it be if in heaven we watch some indie film of our life, complete with music and stuff. Dang that would be rad.

9. A Perfect Sonnet โ€” Bright Eyes
I made my sister come listen to all the songs I was putting on this soundtrack. She probably hated her life, but if she ever needs me to proofread her soundtrack I’ll definitely be there for her. When I told her I was putting this song on here she responded, “Holy ‘forever single’ song. You honestly want to put it on there?” But yes. I do want this on here. I think like this song more than I don’t. I wish I could just have all Bright Eyes songs be my soundtrack but my life is fortunately a little too good to do that. I like to picture this song playing and me and Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes main man) just sitting together listening to it and nodding in agreement about how love never lasts and people who are in love should be “Thrown into an ocean in the worst of weather and left there to drown in their innocence.” But considering that I’ve never hung out with Conor, and that I most likely never will, this will probably just play when I’m laying on my bed eating cookie dough out of the carton and taking online “How good of a girlfriend would you be?” quizzes. Lol my life’s a joke maybe
PS Sry that I linked this to a live performance of the song that is way crappy quality and is cut short but I just wanted y’all to fall in love with Conor like I have. Hmu to talk about what a perfect human he is

10. I Want The World to Stop โ€” Belle & Sebastian
This song is so good. So so good. So many times have I wanted the world to stop. I just need a giant pause button and then I’ll be loads happier. I want the morning, the afternoon, and the night. Also, I just saw these guys live and it was amazing. Like maybe my life is complete k

I feel kind of silly writing all this. In my head I’m all “Why would anyone care what songs you want to soundtrack your life. This is a bad idea,” but also there is a louder voice in there saying, “Let the 12 year old drive!!!!!” On that note hmu if you wanna come over and watch Cat in the Hat. I have cute little kettle corn packages. It’s like personal pan pizzas but popcorn. Idk you just need to see it to believe it.

Sry that I have said “Hmu” like a million times but I just finally found out that it stands for hit me up and I just think that is the cutest thing so I plan on saying it a million and one more times probably. Also sorry that this new blog looks kind of fugly, when I have more creative juice to harvest and it’s not 3 hours past my usual bedtime I’ll make it pretty.

Bye, love ya guys.